Autoerotique continues to impress us with every release and is ready to do massive things this coming year, which definitely shows! He dropped an amazing 3 track EP ‘Darker Things’ a few months ago, as well as had our personal favorite remix of ‘Ocho Cinco’ by DJ Snake and Yellow Claw. Autoerotique is very true to his style and really has a formula to his songs, but every new release is refreshing and insanely unique to the ones before it. ‘Waist Time’ is an absolutely insane collaboration with Diplo and is definitely an Autoerotique bass house banger.

In typical Autoerotique fashion, ‘Waist Time’ begins with crisp drums that have a variety of hi-hat sounds and a groovy snare pattern. The intro is also full of menacing growls and wobbles that elude to sounds that will be scattered throughout the drop. The drop is incredibly groovy with awesome rhythm automation in the lead synths and sick drum patterns to back it up. The sound design in ‘Waist Time’ is amazing and is, as always, right in your face. Autoerotique is on track for some big things this year and the last few months have proved it!