Ghastly - Fuk Whatchu Think

Entirely self taught, David Crow, started producing at the age of 16. He started at the very bottom and has worked his way up in the EDM scene with some insane tracks.

He has released all types of styles throughout the years, but where his sound is now really caught our eye. His new single ‘Fuk Whatchu Think’ is so well produced.

It starts out with a heavy bassline and a bunch of vocal manipulation and awesome synths. The drop comes out of nowhere and is so disgustingly awesome. The sub in this song is also on a completely new level. It makes me physically nauseous to listen to in my car, but I can't help but listen to it anyway.  

All the different elements he puts into this song are mixed beautifully and he makes sure you can hear every little detail. This is a must listen in our eyes!


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