Remix Friday is here to give you some remix's to start your weekend! Every week you can expect three of our favorite remixes from over the years!

This week we have remixes from Slushii, Unlike Pluto and Galantis!

MADEINTYO - Uber Everywhere (Slushii Remix)

Slushii most definitely Uber's Everywhere after making this remix. This remix is so cool because MADEINTYO already made this awesome song, but then you have Slushii bring in this drop that just goes nuts! He has these snare rolls that go perfectly with the main synth he is using and it just flows so nicely with the lyrics. Make sure you listen until the second drop...


Diplo - Revolution (Unlike Pluto Remix)

In honor of his latest release 'Show Me Love' featuring Michelle Buzz, we thought we would post one of our all time favorite remixes. Unlike Pluto's remix of Diplo's single 'Revolution' is a bit old but still has the uniqueness and power in today's electronic world. The drop is insanely catchy, and still goes hard as hell. If you haven't checked out this remix yet, you definitely should!


This song was already great and when you have Galantis doing a remix of it, it makes it even better! The synths in this song make me feel like it's the middle of the summer and I'm just cruising down the highway. Galantis adds all these little elements to catch your attention, like the bubble noises. It really just brings a whole new light to this song that I didn’t think was possible.

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