This is our list of the Top 10 EDM Albums of 2016! This year was great for EDM and these 10 albums showcase some of the excellent works of art that were released within it. 

This list is entirely our opinion of the top albums in 2016! We encourage you to decide for yourself which album was your favorite throughout the year and let us know in the comments!


We just had to add Adventure Club’s newest album ‘Red // Blue’ as an honorable mention. We really enjoyed the album, but felt that it would be unfair to place it on the list for being released so recently. The canadian duo released their debut album, only a few weeks ago, on December 2nd, and we cannot get enough of it. It includes 12 beautiful tracks with countless features who are all very talented. ‘Red // Blue’ is a great collection of melodic masterpieces and gritty dance floor anthems.


Most Notable Songs: ‘Without You’ w/ Hunter Siegel, ‘Dreams’ feat. Elea, ‘Firestorm’ feat. Sara Diamond


10. marshmello - joytime

Marshmello has been one of the fastest growing electronic artists in recent time and released his first album very early on in 2016. His album ‘Joytime’ is a collection of ten singles that he had released on soundcloud in 2015. ‘Joytime’ includes one of Marshmello’s more popular releases ‘Keep It Mello’ which features the one and only, Omar LinX. The album title is very suiting, as Marshmello’s songs have very upbeat sounds and bouncy melodies that are joyous. Excited to see if he will release another album in 2017!

Most Notable Songs: ‘Know Me’, ‘Blocks’, ‘Keep It Mello’ Feat. Omar Linx


9. griz - good will prevail

Griz is most known for his insanely catchy electronic funk vibes and that really comes out in his 5th studio album ‘Good Will Prevail’. His latest album is jam packed with 13 funky tracks that are sure to get you up on your feet. Griz claims that ‘Good Will Prevail’ is his best work to date and we agree! The album has a lot of collaborations with amazing artists like Cherub, Big Gigantic and Brasstracks, as well as many others. Griz recently finished his ‘Good Will Prevail’ tour in honor of his album release, and we’re extremely jealous of anyone that was able to go to one of his shows!


Most Notable Songs: ‘Good Times Roll’ w/ Big Gigantic, ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’ feat. Tash Neal, ‘My Friends And I’ feat. ProbCause

8. BAAUER - Aa

Baauer is most known for his viral sensation ‘Harlem Shake’ which was released back in 2013, but Baauer had other plans for his path in music. His album ‘Aa’ released in March of this year and it really set him apart from being known as a potential ‘one-hit wonder’. ‘Aa’ has insane features from Future, Pusha T and M.I.A. (to name a few) and really spreads across a broad range of styles and sounds. This album sat near the top of the US Dance Album on Billboards charts for quite some time and it was definitely well deserved.

Most Notable Songs: ‘Day Ones’ Feat. Novelist and Leikeli47, ‘Kung Fu’ Feat. Pusha T and Future, ‘Sow’



Illenium released his first album in February of last year. This is the album that really caught people's attention in the music industry and secured a place for Illenium next to some of the greats. His album features a lot of beautiful singers including Joni Fatora, SKYLR, and many others. This album is very melodic and bass heavy, but it is perfect for relaxing and putting yourself in a good mood. Illenium put a lot of work into his debut album and it really shows with the quality he was able to produce across all of the tracks.

Most Notable Songs: ‘Fortress’ Feat. Joni Fatora, ‘With You’ Feat. Quinn XCII, ‘I’ll Be Your Reason’ 



GTA, the electronic duo from Miami, released their debut album ‘Good Times Ahead’ in October and it includes 10 amazing tracks. It features a few very talented vocalists, as well as fellow producers What So Not and Wax Motif. GTA has made some insane strides in their careers over the years and this album really solidifies their talent. It spreads across quite a bit of different styles and vibes, but is perfect for letting it play through on shuffle.

                                                             Most Notable Songs: ‘Get It All’ w/ Wax Motif , ‘All Caught Up’ Feat. Tinashe, ‘In My Nature’ Feat. Karina



Zhu emerged into the dance scene in the middle of 2014 with his world-renowned original ‘Faded’, which completely changed the future of dance music for the better. In July of this year, Zhu released his debut album Generationwhy. His album consists of lots of songs that follow pretty closely to his hit ‘Faded’ and a few of them really took off into more mainstream spotlight. This album is really perfect for getting lost in studying or work, with the chill day-dream vibe it carries.

Most Notable Songs: ‘Working For It’ , ‘Numb’, ‘Cold Blooded’



Bassnectar has been one of our favorite artists for years now and was the one that really got us into electronic music to begin with. ‘Unlimited’ is his 10th full length studio album and was released on June 17th of this year. He continues his path of pushing the boundaries on bass music and adds tons of new hits to his insanely diverse collection of creations. Bassnectar is insane at blending tons of sounds into a tight and consistent space that results in mind-bending music. This is definitely one of our all-time favorite albums from Bassnectar and totally deserves its place at #4 on our list.


Most Notable Songs: ‘Mind Tricks’ w/ G Jones Feat. Lafa Taylor, ‘Journey To The Center’, ‘TKO’ Feat. Rye Rye and Zion I



‘Brighter Future’ is Big Gigantics 6th album and could be considered one of their best of all time! This album is a true masterpiece that really takes the Big Gigantic style everybody knows and loves and diversifies it even more than their past releases. ‘Brighter Future’ features a lot of really awesome artists as well, including Waka Flaka, GRiZ, Logic and Roses. Big Gigantic stays true to the funk saxophone style that everyone is used to be really pushes how they incorporate it in the tracks in this album. We absolutely love every single song on ‘Brighter Future’ and will for a long time to come.


Most Notable Songs: ‘Bring The Funk Back’, ‘C’mon’ Feat. GRiZ, ‘The Little Things’ Feat. Angela McClu



On May 27th of this year, Flume blessed the world with his sophomore album ‘Skin’. It features some of the biggest vocalists currently in the electronic world. Artists like Tove Lo, AlunaGeorge, Beck and Vic Mensa really complete Flumes magnificent album. Flume really pushes the boundaries of sound design and always manages to make his crazy style musically appealing. His talent is unlike any other and ‘Skin’ will go down among the greatest albums of this generation.

Most Notable Songs: ‘Say It’ Feat. Tove Lo, ‘Smoke And Retribution’ Feat. Vince Staples and Kucka, ‘Never Be Like You’ Feat. Kai



DJ Snake’s debut album, ‘Encore’, dropped in June of this year and has been at the top of our list since then. DJ Snake has made insane strides in the music industry with massive chart topping hits like ‘Turn Down For What’, ‘Get Low’, and ‘Lean On’. Everything he creates turns to gold and this album is no different. His album includes huge features from artists such as Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Young Thug and Migos. It is a great mix of hip-hop tracks, radio hits and gritty festival music.

Most Notable Songs: ‘Let Me Love You’ Feat. Justin Beiber, ‘Sahara’ w/ Skrillex, ‘The Half’ Feat. Jeremih, Young Thug, and Swizz Beatz