Eljay & tofû - Best You Had feat. Eddy Calvert

Eljay and Tofu are two producers that have teamed up to bring us their latest track ‘Best You Had’. It features vocals from Eddy Calvert, which really add some variety to this song. There is not much information about Eljay or Tofu, but this track pretty much speaks for itself.

‘Best You Had’ starts off with the vocals from Eddy Calvert, which have a heavy reverb on them. It also has a really cool piano esque melody underneath making you think this is going to be a slow track. Once the drop hits that is far from the truth, it leads up with some heavy drums and a synth with a lot of movement. Once it finally hits you have this big synth adding a huge atmosphere and a bunch of little elements thrown in there to add character. Combined with the vocal chops of Eddie’s voice it has an awesome vibe to it.