We are so excited to show you guys the latest release from PatrickReza. His original track ‘Choices’ was just unleashed into the world and it's amazing! He said he wants this track to bouncy and catchy for everyone to enjoy. 

He also stated “I've been working on translating my emotions into music and with that said I wrote this the day after I saw my last release "Lights Out" hit the Spotify Viral Top 50 in Canada”. It is so cool to see PatrickReza put so much thought into how he produces and how he convey's his emotions through his tracks. It is also great to see him finding success in his passion of music.

The track starts out with a very cool high pitched vocal and a low-end synth to add in a solid beat. He then slowly adds different elements in like the kick and snare, which add some thump to the intro.

Once the drop hits it has a fun light hearted feel to it that is pretty fast paced. We love how he adds the different elements throughout, which really changes up the main synth and adds a truly unique style.

This song is sure to take you to a happy place, just like PatrickReza when he was producing this fire.