High Society, also known as James Guttman, is a San Francisco based EDM artist that began producing after being in a couple bands over the years. He began the project High Society so he could make the music he liked and not be tied down by other people’s opinions. He has slowly but surely gained much deserved success over the years.

Today we bring you his new EP ‘Controlled Chaos’. It features 3 unique songs ‘Life Hack’, ‘Wild Out’, and ‘1v1’. All of these tracks are different in their own right, but still combine to feel like a very cohesive project. All of these tracks have a very powerful low end that you are sure to love. High Society implements so many elements and growls in these tracks that give these tracks such a dirty feel. We could definitely see these tracks being played at clubs and festivals in 2017!

We encourage you to listen to all three tracks and let us know what you think!

Which one is your favorite?