Artist Spotlight

Our Artist Spotlight is a weekly post that goes more in-depth on some of our favorite artists. It’s purpose is to help you get to know some of the artists you recognize, or to find new artists to add into your arsenal of music. We will include a few of our favorite songs from this artist, background information on who they are, future plans and possible tour dates, as well as videos of the artist that we think you will enjoy!




We decided to showcase Skrillex on our Artist Spotlight because we have been following him from the beginning. We have seen him grow as an artist and a person. We wanted to give everyone a little more insight into who Skrillex is and how he became the huge artist he is today! Skrillex has evolved so much over the years to stay relevant and he has done an amazing job. He is definitely a household name when it comes to electronic music. He has been touring non-stop over the years to make sure all of his fans are able to see him perform, even if that means being on the road for 300 days out of the year.





Skrillex aka Sonny Moore was born in 1988 in Northern California. He first started his music career with a group called ‘From First To Last’ which was a post-hardcore band. He was their lead singer and had huge success with that.

But in 2010 Skrillex decided to make a change in his life, and venture into a solo career. He changed his name to Skrillex and created his first EP ‘My Name Is Skrillex’ which he posted on his myspace. After gaining a lot of success from that EP he created ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ which really skyrocketed his career as a DJ/Producer. Over the year or so of his EP being out for the world, people really started to latch onto his sound. He won 3 different grammys in 2011 for his new sound and style of music.

In 2014 he released his first full length album ‘Recess’. By this time he had already had huge success as a DJ, but this new album was something to be reckoned with. It was an 11 track album that had banger after banger on it. It was all over the radio and it signified a change in the public's taste in music. Up until this point it was unheard of to have ‘Dubstep’ on the mainstream radio. Skrillex was one of the first artist to cater towards the general public and lasting EDM listeners all at the same time.

Move ahead a few years and Skrillex teamed up with Diplo to create the powerhouse that is Jack U. These two DJ’s changed the game when it came to sound design and quality of electronic music. Their entire album was released independently from their labels, because they wanted to see what they could do as an up and coming duo. Every track on their album was a success, they toured around the world non-stop for two years.

Skrillex is one of the most influential DJ’s in the world. All he cares about is the music and how it can help people. He doesn’t care about the money or the labels or any of that. He just wants to make create music for people to enjoy everyday. We can’t wait to see where Skrillex’s career takes him next, but we know it’s going to be great either way!