Artist Spotlight

Our Artist Spotlight is a weekly post that goes more in-depth on some of our favorite artists. It’s purpose is to help you get to know some of the artists you recognize, or to find new artists to add into your arsenal of music. We will include a few of our favorite songs from this artist, background information on who they are, future plans and possible tour dates, as well as videos of the artist that we think you will enjoy!




This weeks Artist Spotlight is the prodigy teen Slushii! We chose Slushii this week because we have been following him since day one and we've watched him grow and succeed at anything he puts his mind to. He has been skyrocketing through the industry over the last year and with good reason. He is so talented and has released so much music over the last year since the Slushii brand has taken off. Slushii has had countless remixes for big name songs, which all span a wide variety of bass heavy and even ambient styles.




Slushii, also known as Julian Sanlan, is currently signed under Red Light Management. The same team that manages some of the fastest rising names in the electronic music industry, like Marshmello, Ookay, and Jauz to name a few. Julian originally made music under the name "DJ Swoon", until he decided to change the direction he wanted to take his music career.

Julian's success started just under a year ago, when he started releasing music under his new brand 'Slushii' and received backing from top artists like Marshmello and Jauz. Their support put Slushii on the map, and his music carried him to where he is now.

One of the key successes of Slushii's rapid growth was his frequent song releases, which ended up being around a song a week for the first couple of months. This really helped keep Slushii in viral territory until he finally played his opening show at Hard Summer 2016! During his first live set ever, he was surprised by none other than Skrillex, who joined him for a brief back to back DJ set. 

The awesome thing about Slushii's music is that it has a Marshmello vibe to it at times, which a lot of people love, but it also has a grittier bass side to it for the people that like harder styles of electronic music. He has created the best of both worlds when it comes to the top trending sounds of this generation.

Slushii has had so many hit releases in 2016 and is showing no signs of stopping! He is going to be a huge artist in the future and we are excited to see what he will be releasing in 2017!

tour dates:

Slushii - So Long feat Madi

Slushii live at Spectrum Dance Festival:

That Poppy - Lowlife (Slushii Remix):