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Our Artist Spotlight is a weekly post that goes more in-depth on some of our favorite artists. It’s purpose is to help you get to know some of the artists you recognize, or to find new artists to add into your arsenal of music. We will include a few of our favorite songs from this artist, background information on who they are, future plans and possible tour dates, as well as videos of the artist that we think you will enjoy!


Dillon Francis


This week we are doing an Artist Spotlight on Dillon Francis! We have been following Dillon Francis for a few years now, and I’m sure a bunch of you have as well. He has gotten very big in the past couple years with a few of his tracks staying on the top charts for months. Including his collaborative track with DJ Snake, Get Low, which turned into a platinum record! Ever since then Dillon has been skyrocketing through the industry!

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Dillon Francis, also known as Dillon Francis, is a world renowned comedian and part time DJ/Producer. Dillon Francis currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, where he was born and raised. His first breakthrough song was ‘Masta Blasta’, which is a moombahton track that really brought the genre into a more mainstream light. His music career started to gain even more traction when he came in contact with Mad Decent head, Diplo. The two of them collaborated on the song ‘Que Que’, which was released in 2011. After a long time of climbing the ranks in the music industry, Dillon released his debut album ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule’ in October of 2014. He is currently working on his sophomore album, which will hopefully release some time in 2017!

Dillon Francis is also very well known for his social media presence. He has posted a lot of videos over the years through Vine, Youtube and even Snapchat. Dillon has also made a piñata named Gerald very famous. Gerald has traveled around the world with Dillon to shows and festivals to meet his fans. Dillon is also known for his ridiculous online store that sells outrageous products, like Dillon becoming a vegan for a year, costing you a small price of $100,000.

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Dillon Francis - Need You

Dillon Francis - Anywhere (Official Music Video) ft. Will Heard

Coffee Run - Dillon Francis n Skrillex