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Our Artist Spotlight is a weekly post that goes more in-depth on some of our favorite artists. It’s purpose is to help you get to know some of the artists you recognize, or to find new artists to add into your arsenal of music. We will include a few of our favorite songs from this artist, background information on who they are, future plans and possible tour dates, as well as videos of the artist that we think you will enjoy!




The Artist Spotlight for this week goes to Habstrakt! We first came across this french beast around a year ago when we were searching for awesome bass house artists. The great thing about Habstrakt is that his music breaks all of the barriers between a few genres and what comes out is insanely heavy sound. Over the last year he has had huge remixes for artists such as Skrillex & Diplo, Barely Alive and Kill The Noise! He even released an EP last month that has some of the best mixing and mastering I’ve heard in a long time!

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Habstrakt, also known as Adam, has been signed to Skism’s independent record label ‘Never Say Die’ for quite some time now and has released a ton of awesome music through them.

Some of our favorite songs are ‘Lazer 3000’ and ‘On The Block’, which happen to both be collaborations between Habstrakt and fellow bass producer Eptic.

His ‘French Press’ EP is unparalleled in production quality and sound design to anything that has been released in the last few months. Our personal favorite from his ‘French Press’ EP is the track ‘Clowns’ which can be found here, where we talk more in depth on that particular song.

Habstrakt is currently on the second leg of Nghtmre and Slanders ‘Gud Vibrations’ tour, which is all across North America!  

His sound is so insane and his ability to mix and master is unrivaled by most, so we are excited to see him climb the charts in 2017!

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