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Our Artist Spotlight is a weekly post that goes more in-depth on some of our favorite artists. It’s purpose is to help you get to know some of the artists you recognize, or to find new artists to add into your arsenal of music. We will include a few of our favorite songs from this artist, background information on who they are, future plans and possible tour dates, as well as videos of the artist that we think you will enjoy!




The Artist Spotlight of the week is Marshmello! Are you excited? We are! Marshmello started a little over a year ago and has been on our radar ever since. Marshmello is an artist that promotes peace and love in the world through music and we absolutely love that sort of attitude. This bucket headed hero has had multiple collaborations with rising artists including Jauz and Omar LinX, and is only getting started. Marshmello is one of the fastest growing artists in the EDM scene and is only getter bigger with every new release.

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Artist Background:

Marshmello began releasing music on soundcloud in early 2015. Big names, like Skrillex, began spreading the word about this unknown artist after only a handful of releases. So it’s safe to assume Marshmello is a rebranding of one artist, or a project between a few artists.  

Still nobody truly knows who Marshmello is, and it doesn’t seem like that is going to change anytime soon. Marshmellos first big release, which really got the engine moving on his ever growing fan base, was the remix of Adele’s 7x Platinum hit, ‘Hello’.

Following that remix up with countless other big tracks and remixes, Marshmello was on the fast track to being among the biggest acts of 2016. Marshmellos music is something people love to listen to because it has such a fun vibe to it but it also has some great bass elements as well.

Marshmellos motto is to bring the world together with music and is certainly doing that with every release and the interaction with the music community. The shear fact that Marshmello can become so massive such a short amount of time without anybody truly knowing who is under the helmet speaks volumes about what music can actually accomplish in the world.

We were fortunate enough to see him live last December in Tampa, Florida. His live show was so much fun and we can't wait until we can go see another one. He has grown so much as an artist and his shows are even more insane now. So if you have the chance to see him on his Ritual Tour, you definitely should! Check the tour dates below to see if he is coming to a city near you on the last leg of his tour.

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Music Video: Marshmello - Alone

Music Video: Marshmello - Ritual feat. Wrabel

Marshmello EDC las vegas 2016 live set:

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