About Us

Whats the point?

If you love music as much as we do, then you are always looking for new music to listen to and new artists to follow. Our goal is to streamline some of our favorite music to you, in order to help you find new music to add to your playlists!

Who are you?

We are two guys from the Chicago land area that have an obsession with music. It has been a huge part of our lives since we were young. Music is the one thing that connects everyone. It breaks language barriers and cultural borders.

We want to share our passion for music with as many people as we can, so we decided to compile it into this blog. We want to create a collection of music that will last through time and change lives. This site is meant to showcase artists that we love and to create content that you enjoy. 

Can I Help?

YES! You can always submit music to us that you have either created or that you just enjoy listening to!